Contextual images, part 1

I showed these images in class to establish precedence, context, and family resemblance. They might help jog your memory about some of the fundamental tensions we’ve investigated this term between 1) form & content, 2) the impersonal & the authoritative, 3) word & image, 4) representation & metaphor, and 5) art & commerce.

1) Benjamin Franklin, Join, or Die political cartoon (1754). Image source.

2) The Bill-Poster’s Dream (1862). Image source.

3) R. F. Outcault, The Great Bull Fight in Hogan’s Alley (1896). Image source.

4) The Bird’s Head Haggadah (c. 1300). Image source.

5) Art Spiegelman, from Lead Pipe Sunday (1989). “The Bastard Offspring of Art and Commerce murder their parents and go off on a Sunday Outing,” says the caption. Image source.


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