The second quiz

Hi, folks.

Strike accommodations for the second quiz are as follows. I extend the offer to everyone enrolled: if you absent yourself from the quiz this Wednesday, March 21, then I will automatically give you the same mark you received on the first quiz. I do not need a reason for your absence.

If you would like to write the quiz next Wednesday, then you have the option of either improving your mark or getting the same mark as the first. If you score lower on Quiz 2 than you did on Quiz 1, then I will give you the Quiz 1 mark. You cannot do worse on Quiz 2.

The quiz will occur after our second lecture on Asterios Polyp. You will have 20 minutes. Once again, the format is multiple choice plus short answer.

The multiple choice will flow as follows:
1) Question about a key distinction in John Berger’s essay. (This will be obvious.)
2) Question about a character’s actions or relationships in Human Diastrophism (ie. Which daughter of Luba’s was fathered by Heraclio?)

1 and 2 will show me that you are doing the readings. Then I will give you a sequence of panels from Human Diastrophism.

3) Question about form (ie. transitions).
4) Question about form (ie. icons).

And finally you will have to write 100-150 words to answer a specific question about that same Human Diastrophism sequence.

I hope this is agreeable, “true believers” (cf. Stan Lee).



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