Deform the earth’s crust

Here are the “previously on” summaries which were found at the start of each serialized chapter of Human Diastrophism.

Part 2: “In part one: Luba’s old flame Khamo has to Palomar. A letter to Tonantzin from Geraldo Mejia (who’s in prison) has Diana, Carmen and Pipo convinced that it’s Mejia’s fault Tonantzin’s losing her marbles.”

Part 3: “In part two: Luba and Khamo reunite in Palomar after two years and enjoy heavy duty boffing, a letter to Tonantzin from Geraldo Mejia has Diana, Carmen and Pipo convinced it’s his fault Tonantzin’s losing it, and Humberto has accidentally discovered the identity of Palomar’s mysterious serial killer…”

Part 4: “So far: Luba and Khamo have reunited after two years, only to have Pipo enter the picture; Humberto has kept mum about accidentally discovering the identity of the town’s mysterious serial killer; and has Tonantzin  gone over the deep end with a shove from the politically cock-eyed letters Geraldo Mejia wrote to her from prison?”

Part 5 (with definitions):


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