Essay instructions; late submissions

Download essay prompts and sample essay.

Choose one of the following topics, and write a 750-900 word argumentative essay. No introductions are permitted except for a one- or two-sentence thesis statement. A clear, concise thesis should draw attention to the following:

a) The problem or issue that you want to explore.
b) Why the problem or issue is important and interesting.

This assignment asks that you unpack how form and content interact in a short sequence. How you use evidence from the text will make your argument persuasive, and how you write (logically, grammatically) will make your argument coherent.

NEW!: Since you cannot be expected to notice every detail of every panel, you will need to be selective. I will do my best to understand why you have emphasized detail x over y, and how well you can account for what you are noticing.

Each topic provides you with, or asks you to provide, a manageable venue in which to conduct your analysis. You might need to do some contextual groundwork in your paper, if only to situate where your venue occurs in relation to the whole (ie. after the jacket incident).

Secondary sources are not required for this assignment because your space is limited. If you use an outside source, you must take care to do justice to the other person’s words. Do not simply bring in a snippet of a critic’s opinion so that you can effortlessly knock it down. Using a concept from McCloud or one of the other theorists from the coursepack is okay, as long as you cite who said what where.

All papers require MLA formatting and citation (7th ed). Please familiarize yourself with the University’s policy on academic integrity:

Papers must be submitted in lecture on Friday, March 2, 2012. Late papers will lose 2% a day, including both days of the weekend. No essays will be accepted more than two weeks after the due date.

NEW!: If you are unable to submit your paper on time, you can email a copy of your paper to me at jgaboury at alcor dot concordia dot ca, so that I will have a record of your submission. Emailers must also submit a paper copy as soon as possible: please slip a paper copy of your paper into my mailbox in the English department (GABOURY, J) on the sixth floor of the LB building.

Good luck.


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