The quiz

•Date: 2:00pm on Wednesday, February 8th.
•There will be a lecture on Jimmy Corrigan beforehand.
•Time: You will have 20 minutes.

•Part 1: Answer 3-4 multiple choice questions about a short sequence (will be from Eisner or Spiegelman). These questions are about the formal elements of comics, such as panel size, timing, transition type, detail, juxtaposition, speech balloons, and so on.
•You won’t be defining terms.
•Study Scott McCloud’s transition types (in coursepack).

•Part 2: Write 200 words about how form and content interact in the sequence. What is this sequence about? How is it packaged? To what end? You may bring to bear on your analysis any concept or lens or theory from the course that you find useful.
•I’ll guide your close reading with a question.


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