Reading a page

Here’s a thoughtful close reading by Ken Parille of a Casper the Friendly Ghost page. The essay begins by noticing the “visual and emotional rhythms” of the page. Recall that Eisner speaks about rhythm all the time too! Parille writes,

“The panels fall into a kind of question/answer pair, and lines in each panel in tiers 1-3 seem to connect to each other, perhaps unintentional or intentionally, bonding the pair…”

Then he investigates the “optical illusion” of the third tier. Parille’s writing becomes slightly unclear at this point, but he’s really trying to get across the idea that panels 5 and 6 each contain 2 separate points of view: above and inside this strange valley of a lake. These perspectives are made to coexist for the sake of rhythm, symmetry, and humour.


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